Inspiration for Education


The inspiration for education has been a long journey for me. It all began in a small parochial school in Philadelphia when I stepped into my first classroom.  I was a volunteer teacher with Response-Ability Teacher Service Program (kind of like Teach for America.)  I had 2 whole weeks of teacher training under my belt and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  That first year was not a great year for myself or my students.  Those little second graders tried valiantly to eat me alive, but I staved them off (barely.)  The next year I got a little bit better; at classroom management, at reasonable expectations, at planning lessons. I like to think that each year after that I have gotten a little bit better.  The list of things I have learned is endless.  Things like …

Take a deep breath before you speak.

The strength in SILENCE.

The power of being positive.

The joy of watching a child’s eyes light up with new knowledge.

So now, 20 year’s later,  I’ve taught mainly 2nd and 3rd grade with a smattering  of PE, Music, TAG, 5th grade and more.  Now I’m a mother myself and an experienced educator who helps train the next generation of teachers as they come along.  And every day I am grateful that I didn’t let that first hard year detract me from my dream.  Every day I am grateful that THIS is my job.  I get to wake up in the morning and go to the best job in the world.





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